Vintage accessories such as dresser sets, parasols, Victorian
items, vintage collars, vintage belts and buckles and other vintage
notions. Victorian and vintage hats, from Victorian mourning hats to
cloches to 1950's hats. Victorian and vintage shoes, from Victorian boots and slippers
to 1970's platform heels Victorian and vintage purses and compacts, from beaded purses,
mesh purses to lucite purses to purses from the 1960's Victorian and vintage fans, hatpins and haircombs. Victorian and vintage postcards, holiday postcards, Valentine
cards, holiday cards and fashion plates.  Also vintage magazines,
such as Petersons, Godey and others Vintage
sewing accessories, such as pin cushions, buttons, thimbles, sewing
needle booklets and vintage patterns. Vintage handkerchiefs and hankie holders in a variety of
motifs. Vintage perfume bottles and scent bottles. Amazon Bookstore for all you vintage accessory needs.  Books on
vintage purses, compacts, perfumes, shoes and much more. Order
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Shoes and Shoe Clips
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1920ís Vintage Womanís Brown Oxford Shoes

Vintage Womanís Brown Oxford Shoes New/old stock vintage brown oxford shoes. These shoes are smartly stitched and perforated across the toe and along the sides. The shoes have leather soles and 1 3/4" military heels with a rubber lift. The sole is marked "SWELL SET" and the rubber lift is marked "US RUBBER SYSTEM / SPRING STEP". The inside measurements of the shoes are 9 1/4" long and 3" wide, which is approximately a size 5. The lace tips are metal as are the five (5) pair of eyelets. The shoes are in very good condition, however there are a few small nicks.

Side View
Bottom View

PRICE: $125.00

Vintage 1920's Pixie Girl Shoes

Vintage 1920's
Pixie Girl Shoes Vintage 1920's black shoes with the original box. These shoes are "new/old" stock and were purchased from an old warehouse where they have been stored away for approximately 80 years! The shoes are black "pumps". The have a strap with side button closure and are nicely decorated with a punched design across the toe and around the top shoe openings. The shoes have a 1 3/4" heel. The shoes have cloth uppers and leather bottoms. They are marked a size 6 and are narrow in width. They are in very good condition and are wearable, but do have some crazing.

Detail Views

PRICE: $115.00

1920's Vintage Black Shoes/Shoe Stretchers

Vintage Black Shoes/Shoe Stretchers These vintage shoes have been broken in and are ready for the dance floor. The 1920's black shoes have spool heels and a tie strap. The strap has two eyelets on each side. Currently a small shoe tie is used to lace the shoes, however, I would recommend changing that to a black ribbon. The shoes also have a diamond shaped cutout on each side of the strap. A very art deco style design rims the edges of the show. The shoes have some wear, but they are in better condition than the photo shows. A professional polishing and ribbon ties would make a world of difference. The shoes are marked a size 3 1/2 which equates to approximately a size 5 1/2 women's. A pair of wood/metal shoe stretches are included with the shoes.

PRICE: $65.00

Vintage Brown (Tan) Tie Pump

Brown (Tan)
Tie Pump These vintage brown shoes are very practical and would look great with a pair of slacks! The shoes are brown leather and have a center front tie. The shoes are top stitched to the sole and have a decorative stitching across the toe. The heels measure approximately 1" with rubber lifts. The shoes come in their original box and are marked, "E.C. Skuffers". The heels are marked, "U.S. Rubber System" "Spring- Step". The shoes are new/old stock and are in very good condition. There are a few very small smudges. The leather is smooth, but the tongue is suede, same colors, nice touch!. The shoes are approximately a size 6 1/2 narrow.

PRICE: $98.00

Vintage 1900's Brown Tie Shoes

Vintage 1900's
Brown Tie Shoes These vintage shoes are the perfect accessorie for your vintage outfit! The shoes are brown with a slightly rounded toe and lace-up front. The shoes are nicely decorated with pierced holes done in various designs. The holes create for scrolling design over the toe and outline the lace insert with vertical and horizontal lines. The outlining continues through the sides of the shoes. The shoes are new/old stock and came from a wearhouse in Virginia. The shoes have a tie closure with the original laces intact. The shoes are marked, "Girl Graduate Register Combination Last" The heel is marked, "Cushion Heel" and a triangle with "Economy - Service - Efficiency" enclosed within the triangle. The shoes are in very good condition and come with their original box; however the box is broken (see photos). The shoes are approximately a modern size 5 1/2.

PRICE: $125.00

1920's Vintage Suede T-Strap Shoes

Vintage Suede
T-Strap Shoes These 1920's vintage shoes are done in tan suede. They have a very decorative t-strap with a side button closure. The shoes have three triangular cut-outs at the top of the toe enclosure. The toes have a slight point and the heels are block style. The shoes are in very good condition and are new/old stock. They come in the original box; however the box is broken. The shoes are approximately a size 4 to 4 1/2.

PRICE: $80.00

Circa 1915 Vintage Brown Shoes

Circa 1915
Vintage Brown Shoes These vintage brown shoes are larger than we usually see! They are approximately a size 6 1/2-7 1/2, but are still very narrow. The shoes measure almost 11" long. The shoes lace up the front and have a 2" heel. On the bottom of the heel is marked, "Pat. June 1, 1915 - Good Year - Made in ????". The shoes are in very good condition; however one shoe has a small dark mark and a 1/2" crack in the leather on the inside toe. The shoes have a simple design over the toes. The shoes were worn in our fashion show. Photos may be seen in our Vintage Scrapbook.

Side View

PRICE: $165.00

1900's Vintage Brown Tie Shoes

Vintage Brown
Tie Shoes These vintage shoes would go great with a walking suit! These date to the early 1900's and still resemble a boot, but in a shoe cut. The shoes are very pointed and lace up on the top. They are a fine leather and the leather is still in very good condition. I believe the laces are original to the shoes. The heels are approximately 1 1/2" high and thick. The shoes have been worn, but still in very good condition. The bottom of the shoes are marked with a circle which reads, "Arch Support". The inside is difficult to read, but we can make out "Factory 12". The shoes have a leather heel insert in one shoe, but the other is missing, so you would need to use shoe inserts. There are a lot of numbers in the shoes, but I can't make out what size they are. I would say a size 5 1/2 or 6 narrow could wear the shoes. I wear a size 6 regular and can get them on, but wouldn't want to walk to far in them.

PRICE: $110.00


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